The Kunsertu were born in Messina (Italy) at the end of the 70s.
Their music expertly mixes traditions from different corners of the Mediterranean, from Sicily to the Maghreb and from the Turkish coasts to the Balkans, to which are added influences from black Africa.
In 1984 they self-produce their first album "Kunsertu".
In 1986 they won the 1986 International Youth Cinema Festival in Turin with the video clip "Sabra e Chatila".
In 1987 the band was selected for the Studio City compilation (PDR, 1987), before producing the 12 "Jazirah
(K Production, 1988), to then reach a notable success at national level with the second album " Shams" published in 1989 for New Tone Records also distributed in France.
From the end of the 1980s to the mid-1990s they performed throughout Italy and in the most important Italian and European festivals (Live Fest Bologna, Arezzo Wave, Cremona Rock, 1 May 1995 Rome, Fete de l'Humanitè Paris, Primtemps de Burges, Belfort etc ....).
In 2016 the band released the album "1984/2016", which includes the new single "Esta noche", "Snow in Istanbul" and "Menzamà" as well as historical songs from the repertoire.
In December 2019 the band released a new album "Rosa" with nine unreleased tracks.
Maurizio "Nello" Mastroeni is the author of music and lyrics, which often deal with issues related to current affairs, from the mafia massacres to the drama of immigration, but do not disdain light and romantic interludes (their Mokarta has now entered among the classics) .
A mixture of ancient and modern sounds that sings in Sicilian dialect, in Spanish, in Arabic, but speaks a universal language.
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